Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've listed some of the most frequently asked questions parents and students have about private tuition.

Question 1

How does online tuition work?

Online tuition works almost exactly the same as an ordinary tuition lesson; the only difference is we talk on video call instead. All lesson notes, questions and mark schemes are the same whether the lesson is online or not, and the lesson format is no different.

Students are able to write exam answers interactively online (using their secure log-in details) so we can read the answer together before going through the mark-scheme. Video calls allow hands-free communication, so students can type or read while talking, and the webcam enables improved communication.

Question 2

What equipment do I need for online lessons?

You will require the following:

  • A laptop, computer or tablet
  • An internet connection
  • Skype (click here to visit the Skype website and download the software for free)
  • A microphone and speakers (these are built in to most computers) or alternatively students can use a headset
  • A webcam is useful but not essential
Question 3

How often should my child have lessons?

This very much depends on the student and the course. Currently there are students who have up to 6 hours tuition per week, and others who just have the occasional lesson. Most students have regular lessons at the same time(s) each week to ensure availability. On average, the majority of students have between 1-2 hours per week per subject, and some increase this as exams approach.

Question 4

What results can I expect?

Results depend on a combination of many different factors but essentially the more work a student puts in, the more they will get out. Tuition Matters has had successful results every exam season, for students resitting exams or getting good grades first time.

Question 5

Are online lessons effective?

Online lessons are just as effective as in-person lessons; in fact a large proportion of students who have had both in-person and online tuition say they prefer the online lessons as they find it easier to concentrate and that it's a more efficient use of time.

Question 6

Why should I have online lessons?

Online lessons are more flexible than in-person lessons (for example during free periods at school) and there is no time wasted due to travelling. It also means students can continue lessons when away on holiday or at boarding school. At present there are students who have lessons from the UK, China, Japan, Portugal, Malta, and Ireland.

Question 7

Who are some of your current students?

I have a mixture of national and international students who all have lessons online, and are following UK-based courses.

Students have tuition for a variety of reasons:

  • To supplement their school work
  • To improve their grade in a resit exam
  • When studying outside of conventional education e.g. distance learning or home education
  • Mature students wanting a change of career

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